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VAL-U Advisory at CPHI roundtable organized by FEVE

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VAL-U Advisory is honoured to be part of the roundtable discussion organized by FEVE Glass Flaconnage at the next CPHI worldwide at Madrid on the 10th of October.

We’ll share insights for OTC and Biopharma trends and its impact on packaging.

With the participation of FEVE Glass Flaconnage President, we will exchange on the molded glass response to meet those two markets’ expectations.

Hope to see you there!

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VAL-U ADVISORY to facilitate roundtable session at 2018 PharmapackEurope

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VAL-U Advisory is represented at Pharmapack Europe on the 7th of February 2018 at 16.30 (CET) in Paris by facilitating a roundtable session together with three Pharma professional experts, about the packaging supply : the impact of its variation along the supply chain, current and future expectations. There will be opportunity to raise your owned questions !

More details on PharmapackEurope website :

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VAL-U Advisory attending 2017 CPHI worldwide in Frankfurt from the 24th of October

CPHI is one of the main worldwide events where you can meet and network with E2E Pharmaceutical actors (including but not limited to Pharma Companies, manufacturers, packers, CMO and suppliers) or listen to some educative and experience sharing conferences.

This year, CPHI worldwide is held in Frankfurt (Germany) from the 24th of October (CPHI’s website)

VAL-U Advisory will attend the first two days so if you are around, let us know so we can meet!


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VAL-U Advisory speaker at FEVE’s annual conference – Venice, Italy

FEVE, the Federation of European manufacturers of glass containers and machine-made glass tableware (To know more about FEVE: link to FEVE’s website), was holding its annual conference in Venice in April 2017.

VAL-U Advisory shared insights about Pharmaceuticals market trends, its view on the pharmaceutical packaging forecast and the impact for molded glass manufacturers in supplying pharmaceutical. The presentation was then follow up by a debate.

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VAL-U Advisory: Speaker at ‘Procurement Workshop’, organized by BIOMEDAlliance and “Pôle Cancer-Bio-Santé”

VAL-U Advisory will be one of the speaker at the ‘Procurement workshop’ co-organised by BIOMEDAlliance and the Pole ‘Cancer-Bio-Santé’ on the 25th of January 2017 in Toulouse.

The workshop will provide key insights for any company targeting to supply Pharma Company, whether to provide goods, IP related products, services or R&D contracts.

Come to join us.

More info on the Organiser’s website




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VAL-U Advisory attending Pharmapack Europe – Paris – 10th and 11th February 2016

Pharmapack, one of the leading Conference and exhibition for Pharma packaging and Drug Delivery  (include also Engineering, Design, Equipment, Pharma solution…) will be held on the 10th and 11th of February 2016 in Paris for its European version.

It is a great opportunity for networking, discovering new packaging innovation and listening to conferences.

VAL-U Advisory will attend and has already pre-booked meetings, new functionality set up by the Organiser.

We are keen in listening to your challenges. If you want to share them with us, If you want to know more about us, or if you just want to network, please feel free to get in touch with us  through the web site contact page or, if you have a Booth at the exhibition, feel free to use the Meeting booking system.

We look forward to seeing you!


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VAL-U Advisory attending Business Lunch 10×10 organized by CCIBW

biz 10x10

VAL-U Advisory has attended to the “business Lunch” organised by the Chamber of Commerce and of Industry of  Brabant Wallon (CCIBW) in September 2015.

Key messages are summarized in the January 2016 “CCI mag”, monthly magazine published by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry

More details in page 42 of the magazine:

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VAL-U Advisory, sponsorised HEI 2016 Directory

VAL-U Advisory is proud to announce its sponsorship for 2016 Directory published by HEI Engineering school.

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VAL-U Advisory website is now also available in Dutch!

We are happy to let you know that from now, VAL-U Advisory website has also its Dutch version!


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Empack Brussels 2015

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It was our first attendance at Empack Brussels 2015.

The fair is organized by Easyfairs. This year, it has been located at Mechelen following a last minute rescheduling due to maximum security alert in Brussels where it was initially scheduled for last week.

The presentations of today were focused on Pharma. Most of them are done in dutch without translation. That reflects the audience which is (according the exhibition’s data from 2014) 68% dutch speaker.

Most of Exhibitors in the exhibition are packaging or packaging equipment companies with large application in the food industry. Few have also applications in healthcare or other sectors. Speech is focus for Belgium market even so some companies in the fair came with representatives for France, German and BeNeLux markets.

Some designers are also present.

One fourth of the space is focused on packaging innovation where specific conferences are presented.

Take Away:

The fair is largely focusing on food packaging along the supply chain with actors from equipment, secondary and tertiary packaging, and some from primary packaging and designers. The pharma business is very marginal with few companies proposing testing equipment or tracing features.

The corner on packaging innovation is a nice one. You can see some creativity and there are also exhibition of some packaging awarded.

The chosen location was convenient for most of the visitors. Inside the fair,  large space at the was allowing good motion and enough space to discuss with exhibitors.

The organisation was doing well, especially with a rescheduling within less than a week.