Pharma Business Development

Kursentwicklung, Pharmabranche, Medikamente

VAL-U Advisory helps the Companies willing to supply Pharmaceutical Laboratories to be more successful in getting new businesses as well as securing / keeping existing businesses.

Some examples you may face and where we could help you:

  • Your Company is spending a lot of energy to contact Pharmaceutical Companies or to respond to tender to try selling your Products but unfortunately, the success rate is not aligned with your effort? You even sometimes see your existing business declining or under threat from your customers’ base.
  • Your Company is manufacturing and selling Packaging to the Pharmaceutical Industry in your Region or Country and you would like to expand your sales across international markets. However your current success remains limited?
  • You are considering opportunity to supply some markets and some packaging but you’re unsure whether that will make a viable case.
  • You or your Client are willing to switch from existing packaging to a child resistant but senior friendly packaging. You wonder what kind of packaging could be suitable, what you need to consider to implement it and how to implement it while minimizing cost impact

Why should you choose VAL-U Advisory?

  • More than 17 years working experience in Pharmaceutical Company in highly changing environment and more than 15 years in international Procurement
  • Methodologies to adapt your commercial and communication approach to gain new contracts and new clients to supply the pharmaceutical industry
  • Increase your industrial capabilities by auditing and making recommendations for improvements to match Pharma’s expectations

VAL-U Advisory can help you and your people to increase this success rate through:

  • Increase education and awareness of our Clients in understanding the Pharmaceutical Companies’ constraints, drivers
  • Share insights on the supplier selection process and areas of focus for existing and new businesses. That will also helps in indicating where your existing business is at threat
  • Audit your manufacturing site to make observations and recommendations
  • Lead workshop with your teams to identify and address gaps for sustainable results