Management Consulting

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VAL-U Advisory could support its Client on wide range of Services such as raising Performance Management capabilities, Executing and Implementing Strategy, Leading or coaching on Transformation Program, Facilitating Change Management and Strategy Deployment.

VAL-U Advisory can help you in making your vision to become operational.

We can help you in executing and implementing your strategy: for example, you know what you want to achieve but you don’t know how, you have set up your strategy but don’t have the resource to make the implementation part, you need extra resource to manage the change with your people during the transformation.

We can support your Organization willing to make significant change and ready to embark in a transformation journey, a restructuring program or an integration.

Why should you choose VAL-U Advisory?

  • We are certified CHAMPS2 practitioner, which is a recognized methodology for transformation program ( Experienced in leading and managing significant changing programs
  • We have in depth practice and knowledge of Strategy Deployment and lean management principles, allowing functional alignment and breaking silos to common objectives and as a consequence, optimizing your resources.
  • We can lead, train and coach your team in problem solving (A3 methodology, some root cause analysis tools….) and roll out proper performance management to track and deliver the promised benefits.
  • We are also assisting you in all aspects of change management: diagnose current situation, size the change and the challenge. We can prepare with you and your team the change strategy and its deployment including how to address people resistance to change and the fear of the unknown. At the end of the day, you want the change to be embraced and track deliveries.
  • We are helping organization to drive its business performance from Executive level down to the shop floor.